Best Steel Hammock Stand Combo Sets 2017 Buyers Guide


If you don’t already have a hammock or frame, a combination of hammock and steel frame can be ideal, especially if you are worried that buying a hammock and frame separately will cause problems when trying to combine them.

With the options below you don’t have to worry about finding the right hammock for your stand, because everything is included in one package. In the table below you will find some of the best steel hammock supports with combination hammock kits you might consider. We hope the table below will make it easier for you to choose the optimal combination of hammocks and supports when making your purchase decision.

Please note that many of the options in the table below are available with hammocks in different colors to indicate additional color options. Click on the links to the respective combined foot hammocks.

Things to consider when purchasing a steel hammock and combination hammock frame Set

As with the steel hammocks supplied without hammocks, the steel spacer hammocks included in combi sets are often made using 12 gauge steel for strength and stability. Due to the thickness of the steel used, steel hammocks are more than suitable to hold two people in the hammock at the same time. Most of the steel hammocks and hammock combinations below can weigh around 400-450 pounds, and most come with a double hammock that can easily accommodate two people at a time. Before making a purchase decision, you should know the lifting capacity that can be done, especially if you plan to use your hammock and steel support for two people.

The main difference is that you can buy a steel hammock support on its own or choose a set of hammock and support combinations – you don’t have to worry about which hammock will fit which support. All hammock kits below contain everything you need to relax within minutes of receiving the hammock kit. Thanks to the options on this page it is not necessary to buy an extra chain or other accessories when hanging a hammock. Just like when you purchase a steel hammock support that matches your existing hammock, the hammock support sets here have a series of hook holes that allow you to adjust and tighten the hammock suspension to suit your needs.

All steel hammocks are very easy to assemble and for most people, as mentioned earlier, the installation of a frame takes from a few minutes to about 10 minutes, which is one of the main advantages of buying a combination hammock set – you can be sure that the hammock that comes with it will fit perfectly into the frame. As all combination kits come with their own instructions for building a stand and attaching a hammock, no do-it-yourself skills are required, as many hammocks do not require tools for installation. Those who most often need tools for assembly have all the necessary tools at their disposal to assemble them in a matter of minutes.

Sunnydaze Steel Hammock Stand 9 foot steel hammock with double Brazilian combined hammock - Sunset When choosing a steel hammock stand and hammock set, one thing to consider is whether to leave the complex outside during the wettest months. User feedback is an invaluable source for potential buyers who can verify that not only the steel hammock support, but also the hammock remains in good condition when exposed to the elements. Although most hammock racks are made of powder coated steel, some are much more resistant to rust than others, reading what others have said in reviews of each hammock rack is a great way to judge whether you should leave your hammock upright all year round. Another point to consider is the hammock itself, because although many are made of UV-resistant materials, some will retain their colour, while others may fade if exposed to sunlight for a long period of time.

For most hammocks, we recommend taking them home during the winter months as they allow you to make better use of your stand for many years. Because the steel hammock supports are so easy to assemble and disassemble, the packaging should not cause too many problems during the winter months. However, if you really think you should keep your hammock all year round, take a look at our accessories section where you will find hammock covers that will protect your hammock and hammock from the rain.

One of the last things to consider when deciding which combination of hammocks to buy is whether you prefer a bar-style hammock or a Brazilian style hammock. The Brazilian hammock style is probably a safer option, especially for the elderly or for those of us who are less mobile. The Brazilian style hammock wraps the user inside so that the hammock can be hung from the user’s cradle, so the user is safely wrapped in a cocoon and has no chance of falling out of the hammock. When choosing a spreader-type rope hammock, consider the material it is made of, as some materials may be more slippery than others and may jeopardize the safety of the user and require balance and caution, especially when installing and removing the hammock.

Advantages of the steel hammock support with hammock set

One of the main advantages of steel hammock supports is that they can be easily installed indoors or outdoors in a few minutes. While wooden hammock racks are bulky and often difficult to manoeuvre, steel hammock racks are much lighter and more comfortable, especially if you plan to take the hammock with you on the road. Like many of the steel hammock supports available on our website, many of the hammock supports also come with a carrying bag, making it easy to transport and store the combination of support and hammock.

The steel hammock combination is a cost-effective solution that allows you to hang your hammock comfortably without having to rely on nature and offers you a few trees at the right distance from each other. Although the steel stand is not as nice as the wooden one, it is much cheaper and much more comfortable and lighter.

Another good reason to buy a hammock and steel support set, instead of a steel support set you already own, is that it eliminates the need to look for a suitable hammock support and gives the consumer the assurance that the delivered hammock will fit perfectly.

How much does a hammock with asteel support cost?

Although many of the hammocks listed here can be purchased separately, the purchase with the hammock often costs only about $30 to $50 more.

For a compact 2-meter hammock with a closed Brazilian hammock, you can expect to spend around a hundred dollars, while for hammocks that are between 3 and 5 feet long, you can usually get just over 100 with a closed Brazilian hammock or a rope hammock spreader bar.

Some of the larger 15-foot hammocks are available with high quality jumbo size hammocks, they can cost you between $250 and $300 as a single hammock in these kits costs around $150 to buy a hammock-free stand.

Searching for the best combination of hammocks and steel hammock supports

Height and weight – The first thing to consider when deciding which hammock and support is best for you is the weight of the hammock and support and whether they are suitable for a person your height. Although people over 1.80m naturally think that a large stand is more suitable for them when they are tall, no exceptions are made, as so many of the space-saving 2.50m hammock stands have stated that they are roomy and comfortable enough to store them easily.

Do you communicate your position? If you plan to share and stand up a hammock, this shouldn’t be a problem, as most of the kits listed on this page contain a double hammock. Just consider the weight of the pair and check the weight of the stands before deciding to buy. If you both weigh less than 400 pounds, most stands here should be perfect, and even if you weigh more, there are stands that can hold up to 600 pounds.

Indoor or outdoor ? The best thing about steel hammocks is that they are easy to assemble and can often be taken apart without tools, so they can even be installed at home, provided there is enough space. Although a 2.5 meter steel bracket is an excellent choice for indoor use, it is no problem to purchase a longer bracket of 2 or 3 meters if you prefer. Large stands are just as easy to set up and work perfectly both indoors and outdoors. Remember that you should at least have a little legroom at both ends of the stand to avoid too much claustrophobia.

Our choice for the best hammock withsteel frame kits

Giant Caribbean hammock and metal standard Combo

Although this hammock stand is one of the most expensive here, it has received good reviews from some people. This hammock support, which can carry a weight of 600 pounds, is of very high quality and requires minimal assembly without tools. The set is completed by a huge and luxurious hammock in Caribbean style, available in different colours. The hammock alone is quite expensive and easily accommodates two people at the same time. Although this is a portable cabin, it is not really the hammock cabin you want to take on foot, which weighs about 56 pounds, but it can be easily disassembled to fit in the trunk of a car transported and stored with ease. The stand and the hammock are also available separately and both are highly recommended.

Click here to see the price of this steel hammock support.

Giant Caribbean hammock at the Orange Metal Combo-0 Tribe stand.

Vivere Double hammock with steel frame with 9 legs

If you are looking for a quality steel hammock support with a Brazilian hammock at a very low price, then the Vivere 9-foot hammock support is the perfect choice. Although not as long as most other hammocks, it can easily accommodate two adults weighing up to 450 pounds. Complete with a 100% cotton double hammock and a practical carrying bag with which you can take it anywhere, this hammock stand is easy to assemble and disassemble. Many of those who have given these hammocks very positive reviews say that they are perfect no matter how tall you are. This is an excellent solution for those looking for a hammock with a Brazilian hammock that doesn’t tip over like some bar owners tend to do. The stand is available in different styles of hammock colours to choose from.

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Vivere-Double hammock - space-saving - normal steel tropical-0-0

Double hammock in Sunnydaze fabric and 12 foot combinationStand

If you are looking for a slightly less expensive version of a hammock with a steel support, a 12-foot hammock with a sun support is a good choice. The stand comes complete with a spacer hammock, available in different materials and colours. In addition to being one of the cheapest hammock sets for spreaders, it is also one of the most portable with a stand that weighs just 25 pounds and a hammock that weighs 11 pounds. A good choice for those looking for a flat and spacious hammock with a support for two persons. The only thing that made this possible was a rather small payload of 350 pounds.

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Sunbathing - watermelon tyre - padded tyre - double fabric - hammock - with broken rods - oversize - 0-1

Although we consider the 3 above mentioned hammock and support kits to be the best, we still have a few options available in our shop if you want a little more choice!




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