Caribbean Hammocks Jumbo Hammock and 15 ft Tribeam Stand – Multi-Color Light Blue – 600 lbs Weight Capacity

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  • Caribbean hammocks with double spreader bar
  • 15-foot steel stand
  • Weights of the stand: 600 pounds
  • The size of the stand: 180 D x 48 W x 48 H (inches)
  • Made of high quality powder coated steel.
  • The weight of the frame: About 56 pounds
  • Requires very simple assembly (no tools required).
  • Available with other hammock colours
  • Editorial overview: 4.9 / 5
  • United States – available
  • United Kingdom – in stock
  • Canada – not available.
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Caribbean Sea Hammocks 15 foot steel frame for hammock and two-man hammock

The Caribbean Hammock is a well-known brand for the production of quality hammocks and hammock combinations, using only the highest quality materials to make hammocks that look good and are appreciated by everyone.

15-foot steel hammock support, 600-pound capacity
The hammock support in this combination is made of 20-gauge steel that is cold rolled, making it extremely strong and durable. With a carrying capacity of 600 pounds, it is one of the strongest hammocks on the market, making it one of the most stable and reliable hammocks you can buy. With many other stands with a capacity of around 450 pounds, it’s a good choice if you’re worried that the other hammocks won’t be enough if you and your partner want to relax together.

The steel hammock support has a beautiful mocha-coloured powder coating which, like many other steel hammock supports, makes the support more resistant to rust and corrosion when left outside. The hammock post requires simple assembly, which does not require any tools. Thanks to the quick and easy assembly of the spring bar that is required, most people should not take more than a few minutes to get up and relax when they receive the hammock post kit. The steel stand comes with everything you need to mount the included hammock. All supplied accessories and chains are also of the highest quality and galvanized, which also means that the stand and the accessories are more resistant to corrosion and weathering, which guarantees years of trouble-free operation.

The hammock holder is easy to assemble and disassemble in less than 5 minutes, making it a fairly portable solution if you want to carry it by car. However, this hammock rack is not recommended for walks as it weighs a total of around 56 pounds.

Giant Caribbean Hammock Sprinkler

The large hammock spreader is available in different colours and stripes, all of which can be viewed on the Caribbean hammock category page or at the bottom of this overview page. The hammock is the perfect hammock for 2 persons. The hammock, woven from soft polyester in ultra-thin microfibre, is not only comfortable, but also offers excellent support, especially in combination with a high-strength steel frame.

Both the hammock and the 55-inch hardwood hoops are made of weather-resistant materials, so that the entire hammock can be left outside if necessary. The straps are covered with several layers of glossy ship’s paint. As with most hammocks, it is advisable not to leave them outside all year round, because although many hammocks are weatherproof, powder coating cannot do everything. By storing a hammock during the winter months, you can use your hammock for several years without worrying about weather damage.

This comfortable and durable Caribbean hammock with its 15 foot steel combination stand is a very practical product that proves that the Caribbean hammock is an excellent brand to choose from, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and very good customer service in the United States.

specifications: Giant Caribbean hammock in Tan and metal stand from Tribeca Combo-0-0

Get up, get up, get up:

  • Length: 15 feet (180 inches)
  • Width: 4 feet (48 inches)
  • Height: 4 feet (48 inches)
  • Weight capacity: 600 pounds
  • Weight: 56 pounds
  • The color: Mocha

The hammock:

  • Width: 4.5 feet (55 inches)


  • Comfortable all-in-one solution– Comes with everything you need for total relaxation
  • price – Current retail price about $200, good price for a very high quality hammock
  • Very easy installation– no tools required, installation takes 5 minutes
  • Suitable for 2 persons– The double hammock is easily suitable for 2 adults
  • Portability – Easy to store and disassemble for transport by car
  • Weight capacity – Huge capacity of 600 lbs that can support more weight than most hammock combinations
  • Great comfort and beautiful design– In a range of bright colours and designs everyone will notice the comfort of this hammock support set.


  • Not suitable for walking– Because the stand is heavy enough, it is not portable enough to carry for long periods of time. However, if you wish to install it in a hammock, we offer a 2.5-metre steel support kit for the hammock.

Ideal for…

The ideal support for most, thanks to its impressive 600 pound weight, can easily accommodate two adults with such a high lifting capacity.

A good choice for those who are not very comfortable as it does not require a configuration tool and is very easy to install.

This very elegant 15 foot hammock and stand kit is a great choice for those who have lots of space and are looking for a hammock bar stand kit that stands out from the crowd and looks great.


Excellent choice and highly recommended product if you are looking for a hammock beam spreader and a 15 foot steel hammock support. So far, this set of hammock rests is ideal for those who do not seem to have any drawbacks, as well as many very satisfied customers, especially if you are worried about the capacity of these hammock rests. With a weight of 600 pounds, this hammock is certainly suitable for most people.

We awarded this combined hammock stand a well-deserved score of 4.9 out of 5 thanks to the elegant and neat design and the quality and stability of the construction. If you need a hammock pole for the spreader that will mark all the boxes you need, while ensuring total comfort, then this is definitely a support for you!

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