How to Use Hammock Straps — Complete Guide


In order to be able to camp in a hammock without any problems, you must learn the camping techniques related to the installation of a hammock. These basic skills are essential for your safety and comfort. Hammocks are the perfect summer companions. Why?

The first hammock inhangs above the floor and helps you lie down on awkward branches, twigs and stones that can turn your sleeping platform into a nightmare.

Dan, they provide adequate ventilation and support at night and are the ideal place to relax during the day with a protective cover.

Although it sounds like music to your ears, there is an element of hammock camping that allows inexperienced tourists to camp with tents instead of hammocks – yes, you guessed it, hammock straps!

Read this article, learn how to use them, and you’ll never go camping without a hammock again.


Why use a hammock belt?

how to use the hinged hammock straps

Before you learn how to use thehammock straps, you may wonder why you should use them.

Hammock straps are the best way to hang a hammock in nature because they provide safe and reliable suspension and do not damage the trees.

With new hammocks, choosing the best straps for a hammock and installing a hammock with a suspension system for straps can be confusing, so this task is not easy. But don’t worry, we’ll help you.

TypeHammock belt

There are four types of straps that can accompany your camping hammock. These include short and long straps with hinges, environmentally friendly straps and easily adjustable options.

  • Short belts with two loops. If your camping hammock is equipped with very short straps, this means that it is designed to be used as a reference point. You need something else to sit on.
  • Long belts with two buckles. If the belt is two meters or more long, it is technically considered to be a long belt. This type of belt is normally supplied with two hinges. Long belts with two hinges can be used independently of the suspension.
  • Green Tyres. It is quite easy to see whether your belt is environmentally friendly or not. These belts are generally two inches thick, have metal rings and two S hooks. Manufacturers often advertise these tyres as environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly, but they are generally heavier than other types of tyres.
  • Easily adjustable tires. These straps usually have many buckles at one end and are very easy to handle. If you are new to hammock camping, consider starting with this type of belt.

how to use the hammocks

Use of hammock straps

Beginners often do not know how to install a belt suspension system. It is a complex procedure that must be carried out with care and precision, and over time you will become an expert.

The following recommendations will help you make it as.

1. Choose a type of belt on which yourhammock can be hung correctly.

You must first select the tape you want to use. Some manufacturers offer belts to use with their products when you buy a hammock.

If you don’t have it, you have to buy it. Look for belts with good handles. They are better suited for hammocks because they stabilize the attachment points.

You may also use

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2. Choose an anchor point

Once you have chosen a band, you must select the reference points. This solution includes choosing where to hang the hammock. This will help you determine the length of the belt used and the possible height of the hammock.

If you’re in the wilderness, pay attention to the trees that are close together. Make sure that the trees are at a distance of about 12 to 14 meters from each other; trees in this area provide the best anchoring.

3. Choose belt length

how to use satin hammocks

The next important point is the length of the belt needed to hang the hammock. This depends on the length of the hammock and the distance between the reference points.

It is necessary to calculate the length correctly; it can be the difference between a hammock that collapses uncomfortably and a hammock that hangs perfectly at the anchor points.

4. Belt attachment

Here are the belts strung. The following steps will help you tie the right knot and ensure a good grip:

  • Make a loop on both sides of the strap and tie it with a tight knot.
  • Place a D-ring on the hinge side and make sure it is wide enough for the width of the tyre.
  • Wrap the strap clockwise around the shaft, pull the other end of the strap through a loop and pull it to maximum length. It will completely block the catapult.
  • Wrap the belt around a tree and go the other way.
  • When the entire length of the strap is used up, pass through the first buckle that was originally made to make the strap firm and stable.
  • Repeat this process on the other tree in preparation for the second cycle.

5. Mounting hammock

After attaching the straps, the next step is to attach the hammock to the suspension system.

Make sure the hammock is at a height where the jumps are smooth. Otherwise your camping holiday will become unpleasant.

Practice makes perfect

how to use the hammock suspension straps

Fastening the hammock belts can be difficult the first time and you can make mistakes. But with patience and practice, and the use of a quality belt, you will develop the perfect tying strategy for your hammock.

It is advisable to explore the different types of knots to find the right hammock and the ideal height to hang the hammock for a better camping experience.

Last words

If you have mastered the art of attaching the hammock straps and can hang the hammock safely, you can turn the space between the poles or trees into a large space to hang the hammock.

Stop carrying heavy tents, take a light hammock instead, put it on, relax and refresh yourself with a soda while looking at the incredible scenery.



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