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Legacy Double Portable Camping Hammock - Weighs 400 pounds If you are looking for a camping hammock, then one of the highly portable camping hammocks below will be the perfect addition to your camping equipment. These lightweight parachute hammocks come with everything you need to attach a hammock to a couple of trees or poles. The hammock and all the suspension material can easily be packed in the corresponding carrying bag for easy transport, by hand or by car.

Although camping hammocks may seem a bit fragile, they can support a lot of weight, as you can see in the product descriptions below. All the above portable hammocks can carry at least 400 pounds and are suitable for more than 2 persons at the same time. In addition to the strength of camping hammocks, another important reason to use these hammocks for camping or hiking is their total weight, as all camping hammocks weighing less than 2.5 pounds are able to carry a set of hammocks anywhere.

Portable camping hammocks can be used anywhere and you can even use a house with a hammock holder if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the Caribbean style hammock distribution bar. The portable hammocks below are all available for a fraction of the price of a regular cotton hammock and are long enough and durable enough to do a similar job, even if you have to sacrifice a little comfort.

Below you will find 3 of the best camping hammocks on the market, which are highly appreciated by our team. Although there are many other portable hammocks, we have decided to list just three hammocks because we think these are the best portable hammocks there are and we also think there should be a parachute hammock style among this small selection for anyone who needs a set of comfortable camping hammocks.

All the hammocks listed below have been given fairly high marks, so you can be sure that each of them must be of very high quality. If you would like a brief description of each of the available portable hammocks, please refer to the recommended section below for a quick overview of each option before making a purchase decision, or view the full product description and comments by clicking on each product.

Thanks to the small selection of portable camping hammocks listed below and their very good ratings, we can warmly recommend all the camping hammocks on our website. Below you will find a brief overview of all the features of the 3 mobile hammocks we have chosen to help you decide if we are looking for the best camping hammock. Since all the hammocks below are so highly rated, we believe that quality rather than quantity is a wise decision. However, if you want to see a wider selection of open hammocks for camping, you can find a wider selection of camping hammocks here.

Double portable hammock for legal camping - charcoal/red - weight 400 pounds Double portable hammock for legal camping

  • Weight capacity : £400
  • Dimensions used: 10 feet (long) x 6.6 feet (wide)
  • Price: $.
  • Weight: 1.87 pounds
  • Camping Legit Lifetime Guarantee
  • Including: Carrying bag, steel carabiner, ropes and belts, compatible with wood.
  • 11 available color options
  • Editorial overview: 4.9 / 5
  • See product description
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There is not much that distinguishes the Legit Camping portable hammock from the other two camping hammocks listed below, but Legit Camping’s lifetime warranty is a great incentive to choose this camping hammock over many of its competitors.

All in all it is a very large camping hammock that is very well made and of very high quality. Complete with everything you need to hang a hammock from a few trees or poles, this set of portable hammocks is really one of the best, if not the best, at a very low price. See below to see the 11 colour variations in which this portable hammock kit for 2 persons is available.

Hammock CampingDouble portable hammock - Weight 600 Lbs - Hammock Camping green Double portable hammock Campingfor Abrillas

  • Weight capacity: 600 pounds
  • Dimensions used: 105 inches (long) x 65 inches (wide)
  • Price: $.
  • Weight: 17 ounces
  • 1 year warranty from Apriller
  • Including: Carrying bag, carabiner and rope
  • Editorial overview: 4.8 / 5
  • See product description
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A cheap option if you are looking for a cheap camping hammock. The Apriller green hammock is the perfect camping hammock if you have a limited budget but still need a product of the highest quality. This hammock is recommended by almost everyone who has bought it.

If you are looking for something very light and portable that is easy to carry by hand and easy to set up, here is a portable camping hammock that won’t disappoint you and won’t give you a lot of money. With its enormous weight of 600 pounds, this hammock can comfortably accommodate up to 2 people.

Wildhorn Outpost Portable Camping Hammock - single or double - 11 metres long - weight capacity 400 lbs - Available in many colours Wildhorn Outpost Portable Camping Hammock

  • Available in single size or double size
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs (up to 1000 lbs successfully tested)
  • Extended dimensions : Single – 11 feet (long) x 5 feet (wide), Double – 11 feet (long) x 6.6 feet (wide)
  • Price: $.
  • It weighs: Single – 1 pound 10 ounces, Double – 2 pound 3 ounces.
  • Including: Carrying bag, steel carabiner, belt buckles and tree straps
  • 8 colour options available
  • Editorial overview: 4.8 / 5
  • See product description
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The Wildhorn Outpost Portable Hammock is available in 3 metre lengths for one or two people and is ideal for people of all sizes and can even be used with a 4 metre long hammock stand. Like the two sets of portable hammocks above this camping hammock, it received excellent reviews.

In general, it is a sturdy, high-quality camping hammock that is also very soft and easy to use. The Wildhorn Outpost can be set up in seconds and is very easy to use. This is definitely one of the best hammocks for the campsite and available at a very reasonable price!



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