The Most Heavy Duty Hammock (Highest Weight Capacity)


The weight capacity of the hammock supports varies within reasonable limits.

While many hammocks often look incredibly sturdy, the recommended lifting capacity can sometimes prove otherwise.

One thing that may surprise you is that wooden hammock supports can generally carry less weight than steel hammock supports. Despite the fact that the wooden supports of hammocks often seem much stronger due to their thicker construction.

Let’s start by considering the average weight of each type of hammock support.

Average weight capacity of Gammo standard

– Space-saving hammock support (horizontal) – Space-saving steel hammock supports are generally 9 to 10 metres long. In general you can expect to weigh between 300 and 450 pounds.

From time to time you’ll find some that weigh just under £300, but since the prices of these 2.5 foot long hammocks are quite competitive (under $100), it’s probably a good idea to opt for one that weighs 400 or 450 pounds.

Look further down the page to test some of the best options weighing 450 pounds.

Hammock 12 – 15 ft (horizontal) – If a horizontal steel hammock support is not considered to be space-saving (9 or 10 ft long), it is generally 12 or 15 ft long. However, distances of 15 feet are more common.

Most cabins of this size will be able to carry around 350 to 600 pounds.

In general, 15 foot hammocks can cost up to £600 for the most respected brands, making them a very sustainable choice. In the next section you can see some of the best 600lb hammock stands.

Wooden hammock leg (horizontal) – As mentioned above, wooden hammock legs can carry less weight than their steel counterparts. Wooden hammocks are generally 12 to 15 meters long.

However, their weight capacity is generally between 275 and 450 pounds. In the next section you will find a pair of wooden hammocks with the largest load capacity, 450 pounds.

Hammock stools (steel) – Hammock stools or C-pillar stools vary slightly in weight depending on how much weight they can safely carry. On average, most hammock chair rests can carry about 300 pounds.

The payload of most hammock chairs is generally between 225 and 350 pounds.

Hammock suspension frames are generally designed to be used by one person. While many horizontal supports are designed to be used with double hammocks and therefore have a load capacity more suitable for 2 persons.

You can see some examples of the 350 pound hammock chair in the next section. You will also see the included hugglepod support that can carry up to 600lbs and is a good option to use with a hammock rocking chair if you need extra lifting capacity.

Hammock with the largest storage capacity

Compact steel hammock support recommended with 9 feet (horizontal, 450 lbs)

Double hammock Vivere and 9 foot steel support - Tropical When it comes to choosing a 9 foot steel support for a hammock, the 9 foot Vivere support is one of the best and most popular. This stand with a good size can also be bought with a double hammock in a combi kit (see photo) and can hold 450 pounds.

For more information about the Vivere stand itself, click here, or take a look at the 9 foot Vivere hammock kits here on our Vivere page to see the available colours of the double hammock.

And the last thing to think about with the 2 meter vivere stand is that sometimes it is cheaper to buy a stand with a hammock that is part of a combined set. Strange as it may seem, the price of a stand is sometimes higher than if you had bought a complete set, so be sure to check both prices!

If you already have a hammock to hang up and you are looking for a heavy (slightly longer) support of 3 meters Look at this Zupapa steel hammock that has a very solid support550 pounds! (doesn’t come with the hammock)

Recommended steel hammocks 12 ft long (horizontal, 600 lbs)

Caribbean Hammock 55 Width Caribbean Jumbo Hammock - Rainbow - 600 lbs Weight The popular 15 ft Caribbean Tri Beam Hammock Stand is one of the strongest hammock stands in this length range, with a capacity of 600 lbs.

Like many Caribbean hammocks, the 15 meter long hammock is very popular. It is also very competitively priced compared to other 15-foot hammocks that also weigh 600 pounds.

You can also buy 15-foot Caribbean hammocks in a combi set. The Caribbean Jumbo Hammock (picture right) is included in this assortment. You can see the wide range of hammock colours at the stand here at Amazon.

The hammock holder can be ordered in mocha colour or black, which can be selected here when visiting the shop via the product page.

Another remarkable 15-foot hammock that weighs 600 pounds is the 15-foot Hatteras hammock with 3 steel beams.

However, the difference between the Caribbean hammock standard and the Hatteras model is small, except that the Hatteras model is more expensive. The Hatteras hammock stand is also not included.

Recommended Wooden hammock supports (horizontal, 400 – 450 lbs)

Petra 14 foot wooden hammock support with wooden arch and beige two-line padded hammock - weight 450lbs If you are looking for a very heavy duty wooden hammock support, there are very few options to choose from among those that will support over 400lbs.

However, one of the strongest and most durable wooden hammocks, which can support 450 pounds, received a very good nomination.

The 14-foot Petra Leisure Hammock is certainly one of the best in terms of sustainability. It is also available with a double spacer bar for hammocks.

Compared to other wooden hammocks, Petra’s stand is very popular.

Since many of Petra Leisure’s wooden hammocks often receive rather mixed reviews and evaluations from buyers, it’s refreshing to see that Petra Leisure’s wooden hammocks are always highly rated.

You can see the Petra 15 foot bow wooden hammock here or take a look at the Petra stand with the included hammock here!

Recommended seat supports for heavy hammocks (steel, 350 lbs.)

Zupapa Heavy Duty C-Standem Hammocks There are several C-frame hammocks that can carry over 300lbs, as you can see on our category page here.

However, there is only a small amount that can contain up to 350 pounds.

The first is the Zupapa C hammock support (right), which is a very good choice for many, especially if you are looking for a stable hammock support.

The Zupapa chair leg is ideal for indoor and outdoor use and has a fairly compact and space-saving design.

The 84 inch high Zupapa hammock support is an excellent choice for a range of chairs.

Another option is the Hatteras steel hammock support, which can also carry up to 350 pounds.

The 8 foot high Hatteras hammock has a unique and beautiful design, making it a very elegant option.

The stable round base is also a very good feature to guarantee total stability.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, there is also a HugglePod stirrup that can carry up to 600 pounds.

Weight If you want a really strong vertical hammock stand, the HugglePod (pictured right) is ideal for hanging a hammock on a chair.

The disadvantage is that you have to find a hanging chair or hammock that also has a very high load-bearing capacity. Otherwise buying a hammock chair of such strength can be a waste of time.

All in all, the HugglePod Holder is a good choice if you need something very strong and durable to hang your chair on!


Searching through a series of hammocks to find the strongest is often a fairly long task.

Moreover, once you have found a solid support, you will need to find a solid hammock that you can hang on your support!

Fortunately, there are many options in the above list that come with the hammock included in the stand. In our opinion, this makes life a little easier when you think about the overall strength and durability of a hammock or frame.

Finally, if you choose a hammock support that does not have a closed hammock, make sure you check the load capacity of the hammock or hammock chairs you intend to use or purchase with the hammock support.

As support for a heavy hammock it is completely useless if the hammock you are hanging on is much weaker.



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