The Neck Hamock Review – 10-Min Solution – Is It Worth Buying?


Neck hammock review

Nowadays most of us sit at the computer all day and work under stress for hours on end. As a result, we suffer from chronic neck pain, tension and headaches.

To relieve this pain, we will try everything from medications that make us sleepy and lethargic to expensive physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments.

Well, it takes precious time. The situation is made more difficult by the fact that none of them provide sustainable help.

What if we told you that your neck pain is over? What if we say there is a product that gives you long-term relief from neck pain, tension and headaches?

Well, it was great news for me and many others when we first heard about the neck hammock.

Yeah! You’ve read it well. NECK HAMMOCK. It is a solution for neck pain, tension and headaches. During this inspection of the neck hammock, the entrances and exits of the product are discussed.

So, what’s that hammock around your neck?.

Developed by Dr. Steve Sudo, a certified physiotherapist, the neck hammock is a simple, portable, FDA-approved pain reliever. It can be attached to any door, pole or rail. And they promise to help a therapist relieve neck pain in less than ten minutes. They also say it costs you less than a physical therapy session.

Gammo around the neck

How does a hammock around the neck work?.

Let’s examine your neck first. If you sit on the couch at the desk or elsewhere, the muscles at the back of your head shorten your spine and compress it. And strong compression means strong pain.

Cervical pain is also caused by overexertion and muscle tension. When you bend over to send a text or when you are sitting in a bad posture, every inch you bend over doubles the load on your neck muscles. And the cervical spine loses its natural flexion, which disrupts the alignment of the whole body.

Using a neck hammock for just 10 minutes a day, you can restore this natural curvature and relieve compression. While you rest, the cervical hammock uses the tension in the neck to gradually stretch and relax the neck muscles.

Decompression of the spine, restoration of circulation, rehydration of the hernia, reduction of tension and removal of the neck with horrible texts by simple adjustment.

The neck hammock achieves this by means of a mechanical neck coupling or decompression.

The idea of traction is to relieve pressure on the vertebrae and nerves in the neck and stretch some of these muscles. In this way the muscle tension is relaxed.

Reduced compression = reduced pain

How do I use a neck hammock?

The use of a neck hammock is very simple.

  • Mount or hang the unit on a door clamp or ramp.
  • Lie down and wrap the hammock around your head.
  • Close your eyes and let yourself go to the pain.

The compact design makes it easy to store data. And it also makes it great to travel. Just place the device in a small bag. Take it everywhere.

The hammock is ideal for tension problems, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, stress, posture pain and lack of sleep. All in 10 minutes or less.

We’re sure you’ll fall in love with the device soon, because you can use it when you need it.

Can a hammock around the neck have side effects?

Situation assessment

According to Healthline, the side effects include possible muscle cramps and temporary pain in the treated area. 2011 A systematic evaluation of the mechanical adhesion to the cervical spine adds that the general side effects are rare and generally low. These include nausea, headaches, fainting and tissue damage.

The Neck Hammock website states that the device must not be used by persons with acute cervical spine damage, hypermobility, cervical tumours, rheumatoid arthritis or persons under the age of 16.

For these reasons, it is essential that you speak to your doctor before you decide to use this product.

Note: The cervical sponge is intended to supplement, not replace, the benefits of physiotherapy and massage.


  • More than 95% of the critics are 5-star Neck Hammock.
  • Well done, well done.
  • Very portable.
  • Very practical.
  • The F.D.A. gave it good.
  • A great success with massive funding.


  • The only drawback we found was that you really had to lie down.

So if you’re having trouble getting on the ground, this may not be the right device for you.

How much for a neck hammock?.

The costs for the neck hammock are as follows.

  • 1 hammock: $59
  • Two hammocks: $99
  • Four hammocks: $189

You can find the current price for Amazon here.

History behind the neck hammock

Headache hammock Reviews The headache hammock campaign was launched in November 2017. The goal is to raise $20,000, but more than $900,000 in the end. In fact, the campaign was fully funded in three hours. Then they raised another $1.2 million through Indiego.

This shows the popularity of this product.

Dr. Steve Sue is the maker of the neck hammock. This report on the neck hammock is largely based on his interview. He said:

As a physiotherapist, one of the most frustrating injuries to treat is neck pain.

Strengthening and stretching exercises are sufficient. But stretching the cervical spine is the best way to relieve patients.

The problem is that you can’t go to a physiotherapist every day. And most furniture just doesn’t work, and can be too expensive and bulky to transport, or cheap to make and less efficient.

I wanted to make a product that made financial sense and was easy to transport. The cervical hammock is comfortable and above all effectively reduces pain and tension in the neck.

I have tested the product with great success with more than 50 of my customers. The vast majority of their positive reactions and requests to make their own neck hammocks is the story behind the birth of the neck hammock. I made a neck hammock, and it’s for sale now.

Our stop

The unique design, patented padding, FDA approval, compactness and affordability, ease of use, the ability to adjust the coupling amount individually, and, to top it all off, the success of external financing.

The cervical hammock campaign yielded nearly $2 million. This indicates the popularity of this product. In addition, 95% of the reactions to Neck hammock are positive. So many people can’t be wrong.

The neck hammock is currently the best household appliance of its kind on the market.

Invest in yourself. Invest in a neck hammock. It’s worth it.

Examination of neck hammocks CV

  • The neck hammock holds your head comfortably and releases the weight of your head safely. It causes decompression of the cervical spine.
  • Decompresses the nerves of the cervical spine and helps to lubricate the joints, making them freer and more mobile.
  • As a result, the tension, the headache and the pain in the neck disappeared.
  • You can focus on what’s really important and enjoy life again.



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